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  About the Journal 10-13
  Literary Theory  
Vadim V. Polonsky Philology vs Philosophy? In Search of the Exit from the Interpretative Dead Еnd 14-25
Andrey F. Kofman. Literary Trends: For the Project Dictionary of Literary Trends in the Twentieth Century Europe and America 26-46
Vladimir D. Sedelnik The Category of the Inter-Literary and the Problem of the Author’s National Identity: On the Example of Switzerland and its Literary Ties with the Same-Language Countries 47-72
Irina L. Popova. The Problem of Memory and Oblivion: Bakhtin’s Mechanisms of Saving/Erasing Traces of Traditions in Cultural History 73-90
  World Literature  
Alexander B. Kudelin. “The Life of Muhammad” by Ibn Ishāq — Ibn Hishām: Between Historiography and Literature 91-107
Alexander E. Makhov Johann Sebastian Bach’s Passions: Between Drama and Lyrics 108-127
Vera V. Shervashidze.

From the Cult of the “Self” to the Ancestor Cult: Trilogy The Cult of the Self by Maurice Barrés

Veronika D. Altashina Dialogue and Dialogism in the Novels of Crébillon-fils 140-152
Anastasia V. Golubtsova. The Idea of Modernity in Italian Literature at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries 153-170
Alfred A. Matsevitch. The Development of National Self-Identification in Scandinavian Culture and Literature 171-191
Andrey V. Korovin. Icelandic Literature in the U.S.: On the Question of National Borders in Literature 192-210
Sakowicz I British travelers’ impressions of the Russians during the reign of Alexander II 211-218
Yuri Y. Barabash. On the Frontier of Realities. The Case of Yaroslav Melnik 219-238
  Russian literature  
Anatoly S. Demin. Interaction of Various Generic Forms in the 12th–17th Century Texts and the Mindsets of Old Russian Authors 239-255
Natalia D. Bludilina. « “Journeys of the mind” in the Russian Cultural Society of the 1760-s. Educational and Publishing activity of Kheraskov Literary Circle 256-268
Igor A. Vinogradov. Paternal Care: Emperor Nicolas I in Gogol’s Fate 269-277
Natalia N. Primochkina. The Problem of Humanism in M. Gorky’s Essay “A. A. Blok” 278-285
Daria S. Moskovskaya. The Problems of Urbanism in the Literary-Historical Process of the 1930s: Antsyferov and Zolotarev in the Publishing Project “History of Russian Towns as the History of Russian Everyday Life.” (On IWL RAS Archival Materials) . 286-301
  Literature of the Peoples of Russia  
Kazbek K. Sultanov Representation of the Past as the Major Factor of Self-Identity in Post-Soviet Literature 302-321
  Folklore Studies  
Alex L. Nalepin Russian Folklore as a Reflection of National Character in the Work of Boris Vysheslavtzev 322-341
Tatiana V. Govenko. On the Preservation of Cultural and Ethnic Identity of “Russian Germans” 342-359
  Textology. Materials  
Olga A. Krasheninnikova. New Source for the History of “Reshilovskoe delo.” Podmetnoe pismo [Anonymous Letter] of 1732. (The text’s preparation, publication, and commentary by Olga A. Krasheninnikova) 360-384
Alessandro Farsetti. From the Forgotten Russian Avant-Garde: An Unknown Acrostic by I.A.Aksenov Dedicated to K.A.Bol’shakov. (On IWL RAS Archival Materials) 385-395
Ilya V. Zaytsev On the History of the Collection of Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Manuscripts at the Institute of World Literature 396-408
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