Title New Source for the History of “Reshilovskoe delo.” Podmetnoe pismo [Anonymous Letter] of 1732. (The text’s preparation, publication, and commentary by Olga A. Krasheninnikova)
Author(s) Olga A. Krasheninnikova.
Information about the author(s) Olga A. Krasheninnikova, PhD in Philology, Senior Researcher, A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Povarskaya 25 а, 121069 Moscow, Russia. E-mail: krasheninnikova.61@mail.ru
Received July 16, 2016
Published September 25, 2016
Issue Vol. 1, no 1–2
Department Textology. Materials
Pages 360-384
DOI DOI:10.22455/ 2500-4247-2016-1-1-2-360-384
UDK 82.091
BBK 83.3 (2Рос=Рус)
Abstract The present publication is the first edition of Podmetnoe pismo [Anonymous Letter] of 1732 which was considered to be lost. The appearance of the anonymous pamphlet criticizing the Holy Sinod church policy and foreign dominance in the Supreme power became a resonant event in the public life at the beginning of Anna Ioannovna’s reign. It caused years of judicial investigation carried out by the Secret chancellery during 1732–1738 later known as “Reshilovskoe delo.” Many innocent people were involved in this investigation and many were convicted. The pamphlet’s publication will help realize why this document was so dangerous for the state power and why it caused such violent reaction in the political circles of the time.
Keywords Podmetnoe pismo (anonymous letter) dated by 1732, Reshilovskoe delo, Theophan Prokopovich, Anna Ioannovna
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