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Journal sections

The structure of Studia Litterarum implies both permanent and optional subject headings that reproduce a conventional division of the scope of vast research in literature and folklore as it has been for a long time developed at IWL RAS.

Permanent subject headings

  Literary Theory

  World Literature

  Russian Literature

  Literature of the peoples of Russia

  Folklore Studies

  Textology. Materials.

Optional subject headings


  Conference Overviews


  From the History of Literary and Folklore Studies

Permanent subject headings are oriented at the nomenclature of specializations of researchers (The Order of the Ministery of Education of the Russian Federation from 25-02-2009 № 59) in the branch 10.00.00 – philology

Code Branch, group of specializations, specialization Branches of humanities that are rewarded with the academic title
10.00.00 Philology  
10.01.00 Literary Studies  
10.01.01 Russian literature Philological
10.01.02 Literature of the peoples of Russian Federation (indicating a specific literature or a group of literatures) Philological
10.01.03 Literature of the peoples of foreign countries (indicating a specific literature) Philological
10.01.08 Literary theory. Textology Philological
10.01.09 Folklore Studies Philological

Each journal department is

  - Academic

  - Peer-Reviewed

  - Indexed

Optional headings aim to cover highly relevant events of the academic life and may appear in different journal issues. The journal plans to introduce special headings devoted to anniversaries and special dates, select authors and literary texts, scholarly questions that represent actual interest to contemporary literary and folklore studies.